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October 23 2014

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New Splasharts again!
Tags: Graves
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New Splasharts again!
Tags: Gragas
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Tags: Jinx
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October 21 2014

Tags: Jinx
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Tags: Vi
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October 20 2014

Tags: Fiora
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Tags: Diana
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October 16 2014

Tags: Morgana
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Tags: Syndra
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October 15 2014

Tags: Vi
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October 14 2014

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Dunking intensifies
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October 13 2014

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Splashpocalypse! New Zilean splash!
Tags: Zilean
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Splashpocalypse! New Veigar splash!
Tags: Veigar
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Splashpocalypse! New Tristana splash!
Tags: Tristana
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Splashpocalypse! New Talon splash!
Tags: Talon
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Splashpocalypse! New Shen splash!
Tags: Shen
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Splashpocalypse! New Wukong splash!
Tags: Wukong
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Splashpocalypse! New Kayle splash!
Tags: Kayle
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