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August 04 2017

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Tags: Katarina Garen
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April 23 2014

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Tags: Lux Ezreal Garen
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October 16 2013

August 28 2013

Garen by Hai
Tags: Garen
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July 05 2013

July 03 2013

May 06 2013

Tags: Garen Katarina
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April 22 2013

Garen by R2
Tags: Garen
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April 12 2013

Solo Dragon
Tags: Garen
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April 11 2013

March 30 2013

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Soup is working!
(I'm posting arts I,ve found long time ago so I have no source links, deal wit et)
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January 18 2013

December 08 2012

Your Move
Tags: Garen Katarina
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November 22 2012

November 18 2012

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Tags: Garen
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November 02 2012

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Duel 1
Tags: Garen Darius
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September 08 2012

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Welcome to Demacia!
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September 07 2012

Crusader Garen
Tags: Garen
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August 28 2012

August 24 2012

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