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League of Legends Playerlist

UPDATE: 29.05.2012

React to this post with your ingame nickname + server you are playing on. I or Funga will add you to this list. Some of you might have different native languages, so we want to stick to English in the first place.

NA: North America
EUW: Europe West
EUNE: Europe Nordic & East

- Soup Name (Main Server / 2nd Server)

- Funga (EUW: Darbok)
- Templa (EUW: Dantempla)

Europe West:
- Aperson (EUW: a person)
- BirdOfHermes (EUW: DragonofbloodX)
- Blunectarine (EUW: BluNectarine / EUNE: Blu Nectarine)
- Butarou (EUW: Butarou)
- Elbenfreund (EUW: elbenfreund)
- Frisi (EUW: Frisi77 / NA: Frisi17)
- Funga (EUW: Darbok)
- Laserpointer (EUW: Orkverputzer)
- Pandotree (EUW: LikeCookie)
- Ramza (EUW: Dragnur)
- Tamahl (EUW: Psychoatog)
- Templa (EUW: Dantempla)
- TwoEyes (EUW: daggerfall)
- Volldost (EUW: volldost)
- Yumeji (EUW: TeCy Yumeji)

Europe Nordic & East:
- Debilu (EUNE: Evil Maniak)
- Jaanis93 (EUNE: Jaszczombb)
- koperkowyroz (EUNE: Magistrala / EUW: MayNotBe)
- Nidor (EUNE : Nidor47)
- Rizochi (EUNE: Rizochi)
- Saku (EUNE: tooshiya)

North America:
- AsherSmasher (NA: Appl3J4ck)
- GoletZ (NA: GoletZ / EUNE: GholetZ)
- Kikikamyki (NA: Pan Kamien / EUNE: Pan Kamien)
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